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About Southern Crappie Rods

Southern Crappie Rods are the one and only Kevlar Crappie Rod . Our SCR 5'6" through SCR102 are composed of 100% Kevlar while the SCR122 through the SCR 163, because of their length are made with Kevlar and Carbon Fiber to help maintain their form, thus creating a rod that last for years. The SCR 5'6" through SCR 102 have real cork wood handles while the SCR122 through SCR 163 have the EVA foam handles. All rods have universal reel seats and Stainless steel guides with Acrylic inserts. The 5'6" Sure Shot Dock Shooter comes equipped with AG stainless steel guides.

The action of Southern Crappie Rods are medium IX 6 except for the heavier T models. The SCR 122T, Scr143T, and the SCR163T are designed to handle up to 2 ounce weight for aiding in pushing or pulling heavier weights and are rated an IX 7.

The SCR102 and SCR122T custom jig poles are equipped with 20 inch cork handles with the reel seat 4 inches off the back. Both come with AG wider stainless steel guides which allows greater contact from line to the guides for greater sensitivity. The SCR102 is the same medium light IM6 action as the standard SCR102. The SCR122T stump jumper has the heavier IM7 action to allow for more strength with the lift.

Southern Crappie Rods come with a 180 day warranty against any defects from manufacturer or shipping defects.
You must show proof of purchase and proof of damage. Damage caused by misuse is not covered.
(Shipping is not included in this warranty)


$41.95 ea.   

SCR 102 Stump Jumper

$40.00 ea.   

SCR 122T Stump Jumper



$44.95 ea.   


$44.95 ea.




$50.00 ea.



SCR 122T





$59.00 ea


$65.00 ea.


$65.00 ea.

Cork Handle 6 though 10

Eva Handle 12 through 16